A Solution the Cyprus Problem, via the Internet. Revision 1.10


The Terms Greek and Turkish Cypriot will no longer be used to refer to Cyprus Citizens.

There Will be Only One Citizenship.

All people wishing to be considered for Citizenship of the United Cyprus must first Swear and Sign an Oath of Allegiance to the Cyprus Flag. Those who do not swear or sign the Oath will not have Cypriot Citizenship.

Only those who's Ancestors were Cypriots, or that have a Legitimate reason, and have complied with the above will be considered for citizenship.

Only those who are given citizenship will be given the right to vote.


The United Nations Charter and The Charter of the European Union will become part of the New Constitution of Cyprus as is a Prerequisite with membership of these organizations. The 1960 Constitution including the treaty of Guarantee, which both violate Chapter I Article 2 Paragraph 4 of the UN Charter, "All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations", will no longer apply.


All foreign forces on the Island of Cyprus must be removed from the Island. Foreign forces will include British, Turkish and Greek forces. The foreign forces will be replaced by International Peace Making Forces which must not consist in any part or whole of British, Turkish or Greek forces. The Peace Making Forces will be under independent control. Britain, Turkey and Greece will not be allowed to affect the control of the Forces. The Forces will be accountable to the recognised Government of Cyprus. The government of Cyprus will be allowed its own army to consist of all Cypriots.

The Peace Making Forces and the Cyprus Army will Guarantee the Sovereignty, Independence, Unity and Territorial Integrity of The Entire Island of Cyprus.


All the Refugees and their Heirs and Descendants, who have been displaced from their legitimate homes, land and properties, in Cyprus must be allowed to Return to the afore mentioned homes, land and properties, in freedom, in peace and security.

In the case where the homes, land and properties of a displaced person (or a persons descendants or heirs) is being inhabited by another who was not the legal owner before the 20th July 1974, the inhabitant must vacate the homes, land and properties and be temporarily housed in a transition centre.

The return of occupied homes, land and properties will be phased in village by village over a fixed period.

All new structures or alterations built since the Occupation will be the property of the original pre-invasion landowner or their airs and descendants. The present occupants will be compensated for the value of the new structure or alterations by the Government of Turkey in the case of someone living in the north and by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus in the case of someone living in the south. Each Government will decide what compensation is appropriate for their side.

All illegal settlers and illegal immigrants and their descendants will be repatriated.


Elections will take place among all persons of Cypriot Citizenship as soon as everyone's citizenship has been decided.

The electors will elect a provisional Parliament which will Govern the Entire Territory of the Island. The political composition of the Provisional Parliament will be in proportion with the ratio of votes per political party standing. The electoral System will be outlined bellow and will be a variant of List System.

Each Political Party will put forward the same number of candidates, equal to the total number of seats in the parliament. The Members of each party will choose the candidates themselves. The Candidates for each party will stand as a block, that is one mark on the ballot paper will be a vote for all of the candidates and their party. When the votes are counted, each party will be given a number of seats in proportion to their share of the vote. The parties may then choose which of their list of candidates takes up each allocated seat.

A Speaker will be elected by the members of parliament, using Simple Majority Voting. The party or parties which has a simple majority or a simple working majority will form the Government. The Provisional Government will be able to choose any of the MP's sitting in the parliament to act as ministers. All further Government and Parliamentary decisions will be taken by Simple Majority Voting.

The Provisional Government will begin a process of consultation in view to creating a new constitution. Once decided by parliament, the New Constitution will be put to a democratic referendum. If passed by a qualified majority of 2/3 (two thirds) the Constitution will immediately come into effect. If not passed new consultations will take place and the process will be repeated.

New Elections on the basis referred to above will take place every Four Years unless An Agreed and Implemented Constitution says otherwise.


Until a new constitution is agreed all land boundaries will be as they were before 20th July 1974. All village Municipalities (Councils), will be elected by additional member proportional representation. Municipalities will be governed by Simple Majority Vote.


The Legal System will comply with European Court of Justice legislation. Trials will take place in-front of Judges appointed by the Government, or Magistrates appointed by the Municipalities as appropriate. Judges and Magistrates will be elected by each individual Municipality. Each municipality will elect one Judge and twelve Magistrates by simple majority. All of the islands elected Judges will be put on a list and the Judges for a particular case will be sleeted by the Government at random from the list by Lot. The Magistrates for a particular case will be selected at random, by Lot, by each Municipality. All Plaintiffs will have the Right of Appeal to the European Court of Justice. These conditions will apply until a new Constitution is Agreed.


Local Education will be the responsibility of each Municipality. The Official Languages will be the Official Languages of the European Union. All School Classes will be thought in ENGLISH. Each Student may elect to be thought one other European Union Language by right.

These conditions will apply until a new Constitution is Agreed.

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