Boutros Ghali's "Set of Ideas" UNACEPTABLE

A Plan for Rewarding Ethnic Cleansing


Here's a summery of the implications of the plan.

DENKTASH and TURKEY will be Rewarded for Brutal Aggression, Ethnic Cleansing and the Destruction of Cyprus Cultural hermitage by being given 30% of the island. Land which is acknowledged by the European Court of Human Rights as belonging to the Greek Cypriot refugees.

NONE of the Descendants of the people Ethically Cleansed by the Turks will be allowed to return to their ancestral homes.

NOBODY who’s legally owned property is now occupied by Muslim Cypriots that used to live in the free areas before the Turkish Invasion will be allowed to return.

NOBODY who’s legally owned property has either been altered, destroyed or seized by the occupation regime for its use will be allowed to return.

NOBODY born after the Turkish Invasion or who now lives outside of Cyprus will be allowed to claim back their legally owned property let alone be allowed to return.

NOBODY’S Property Rights if they fall into one of the Above categories will be Respected in anyway, and all legal recourse will be denied..

NOONE will receive Compensation for any property they cannot return to, exchange, or which has been destroyed, as there will be no Compensation fund set-up unless THEY the Greek Cypriot Ethnically Cleansed Refugees and the Greek Cypriot community pay for it themselves out of Taxation.

The value of Greek Cypriot property in the occpied areas (90% of the property) amounts to over Cú20,000,000,000 (40 Billion Euros or 5x total GDP).

NO MECHANISM will be set up for the return of Business Property and Premises to the Refugees.

NOONE will be paid reparations for having their Humans Rights Violated, for Losses incurred due to their Economic Livelihood been denied to them, and for the Devaluation of their Land and Property compared to property in the Free Areas, because of the Turkish Occupation.

There will be NO DEMOCRASY. The Greek Cypriots who were Ethnically Cleansed by Turkey who return to the occupied areas will NOT even have the right to Vote in State or Municipal Elections.

The country will become UNGOVERNABLE. The Muslim Cypriots will be given the Right to VETO every federal decision made by the Majority Population and will have more rights than the Majority, more than they even had under the unworkable 1960 Constitution and will be now be treated as if the were 50% of the population, even-though they now only make up 5%, and other minorites now outnumber them.

There will be NO Security for the returning Refugees. Turkey will be allowed to continue its Military occupation of Cyprus and no means will be set up to prevent it from eventually forcing out all of Greek Cypriots who choose to return to the occupied areas using the same methods it used in 1995 to Ethnically Cleanse Constantinople of its indigenous Greek population.

ALL Greek Cypriots will be expected to pay and take the burden for the economic recovery of the Muslim Cypriots without getting anything to pay for their own recovery.


This plan will result in the creation of an ethnically pure Turkish State in the north of Cyprus and an increase in the Muslim population to over 30%, compared to 18% in 1974 at the expense of the Greek Cypriot population who will have their legally owned land, businesses, homes, and property confiscated and will not be compensated in any way for Turkeys 25 year long occupation, they themselves having to reward the Turks for the privilege of being Ethnically Cleansed, Raped, Tortured and their Family members Murdered and their Posessions Stolen. The north will eventually secede and be used by Turkey as a stepping stone to invade Ethnically Cleanse and annex all of Cyprus


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